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Maggie & Ella Vail Memorial - November 1, 2013


Maggie Vail

Born In: Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Passed in: Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Passed on: October 31st, 1868

Sarah Margaret "Maggie" Vail (1845-1868) &

Ella May Vail (Feb 1868-Oct 1868)

In memory of the unexpected and tragic passing of Maggie and her infant daughter Ella May 145 years ago this month. In recognition of November as Domestic Violence Awareness month and in acknowledgement that domestic homicide continues to impact our communities, the Domestic Violence Community Action Group and their compassionate partners would like to give Maggie and Ella an appropriate burial service and personalized headstone. Although we cannot rewrite the course of history, we must never forget the lives that have been stolen too soon.

The memorial service will be held at the Old Cedar Hill Cemetery, 470 Lancaster Ave, Saint John at 12 noon on November 1, 2013. All are welcome.

Our commitment to those lost and their loved ones, we will work harder.


Artwork and photography by Mike Boudreau

Video created by Pam Boudreau


From left to right, Mike Boudreau, local Saint John artist, Constable Scott Gogan of the Saint John Police Force and Geoff Vail, family member of Maggie and Ella May.

Taken at the Memorial Service on November 1, 2013, alongside the painting.

Domestic Violence Outreach

Domestic Violence Outreach (DVO) provides service to individuals who are living in a violent situation or are experiencing violence in other ways. DVO can answer questions related to domestic violence, help individuals access their options, provide short term counseling, provide information sessions to community groups and make off site visits to improve accessibility of services.

DVO is a free service with an overall goal of improving the lives of individuals affected by violence.

In the event of a crisis, please call the Hestia House

634-7570 24 hour distress line in Saint John, New Brunswick.

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