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MB Art Gallery

            "Where spirit meets creations"

Acrylic Paintings Acrylic Paintings Shifting Winds, 24x12 $195 On Gallery Wrapped Canvas 196919311 Burnt Ash, 12x9 $150 196919298 Man in the Mirror, 10x8 $150 196919304 Calalilies, 36x12 $395 On Gallery Wrapped Canvas 196919299 Seaside Park, Saint John,12x9 $150 196919308 Saint John Loyalist Burial Grounds, 16x12 $175 196919309 Autumns Golden Wreath, 20x16 $250 196919315 Red Cardinal, 10x8 $175 196919305 Red, White & Blue, 14x11 $125 196986125 Autumn Moon, 12x9, #150 On Gallery Wrapped Canvas 196986262 Scott's 24x14, $195 On Gallery Wrapped Canvas 196986242 Harmony, 24x8 SOLD On Gallery Wrapped Canvas 196985927 Surrender, 14x11 SOLD On Gallery Wrapped Canvas 196919306 Sahara, 9X3 SOLD On Gallery Wrapped Canvas 196918626 Lego Star Wars, 12X10 SOLD 196919307 Pears & Pomegranetes, 20X12, SOLD 196919316 Dill Pickle Trees, 36X24 SOLD 196919317 Graveyard Crow, 14x10 SOLD 196919303 We Rise, 10x8 SOLD 196919318 Lily Lake, Saint John, 14x11 SOLD 196919314 Atlantic Spruce II, 20X12 SOLD 196919312 Fire Engine #4 Saint John, 10X8 SOLD 196919313