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Mike Boudreau

Mike resides in Saint John, New Brunswick. Mainly self-taught, his creative energy is expressed through acrylic and watercolour mediums on canvas and paper.

His expressions in art range from landscape and nature inspirations based on experiences from the Maritimes, to soul searching abstract pieces that connect with his spiritual journey.

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Saint John Art Club

Mike is a member of the Saint John Art Club.

On March 8th, 2013, Mike was selected to be "Artist of the Month" at the Saint John Art Club where more than 30 of his pieces were displayed.

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Bobby's Hospice

Mike painted this for Alice (Daigle) Ouellette (his wife's Aunt).

In her memory, this piece was donated to Bobby's Hospice after Alice passed away on October 14, 2012.

Maggie Vail Memorial

REMEMBERING Maggie Vail and Ella May

A memorial service was held at Cedar Hill Cemetery on Saint John’s West Side on November 1, 2013, for Maggie Vail and her four month old infant daughter Ella May, both victims of homicide. They were victims of domestic violence at the hands of Maggie’s lover and father of her child. John A. Munroe, an architect, married man and father of two was,found guilty of this crime.

At the request of Constable Scott Gogan of the Saint John Policy Force, a local artist, Mike Boudreau, painted an image of Maggie and her child which he has donated to the Domestic Violence Community Action Group. Sales of the reproduction of the picture will benefit this organization.

An article was written in the New Brunswick Historical Society newsletter.

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